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Cameron Dancing

The client wanted a portrait of her youngest, a wild and wonderful child who never sits still. These three steel sculptures pay homage to the child's joyous exuberance.  They will reside in "the children's garden" on the estate where they will be in proportion to the house, iron gateways, pathways and bushes all perfectly proportioned to a 5 year old child.

The project took about two months to complete in the early summer of 2003. Commissions accepted.



"Your sculptures are so whimsical.... Joie de Vivre in 3-D."  Jeff Davis, poet and author

"Valery, you are truly talented."  Karen L. Cooper, director of the Irving Ballet
"These are INCREDIBLE!!!! They are spellbinding!! YOU are so very talented my dear Friend!!!!!!!"                                                       Jan Spring, enthusiastic friend.

Process of Construction


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