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Wild Woman

Portrait of the artist as a wild woman doll.

Photo by:  J. R. Compton

Dressing up as one of her Wild Women, the artist plays Baba Yaga in a reading of an old Russian fairy tale. Here seen seated with crone Jo Wharton. At the Maiden, Mother, Crone Goddess retreat in Frisco, TX spring of 2001.

Changeling: Wolf Woman

Shell Goddess

Dolls by the Artist Valery Guignon

Story Teller

Searching for the Lost One

Designer Valery Guignon has been teaching Wild Woman Doll Making Classes for three years in her home town of Dallas.  Inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes best selling book, Women who Run With The Wolves, Valery began making dolls of her inner wild side in her design studio.  They sold well but she wanted to offer the opportunity to other women to manifest their own inner wild woman.

Doll Making Classes

Each doll is unique to the student.  Using as much recycled or used materials as possible the artist is encouraged to find  her less than "perfect" self and make her shine.  We start with wire and twist it into an armature.  This is flexible and can be shaped into any position. Then we "flesh her out", wrapping fabrics to fill her form to the fullness we envision. The students dress their dolls in fabrics of their choosing and embellish them with objects that have meaning to each of them.  I show each student how to make faces and hands out of Sculpy, a polymer clay product, and we bake them in an oven.  The faces can be painted and hair applied to the head.

These dolls come to symbolize the parts of ourselves we cherish, our inner sides, our intuitive selves.  They have not been civilized and are still a bit dangerous yet protective of our freedom in the world.  Students have made them fly, stand, sit or kneel.  Male students have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well.  Each student goes home with a doll. 

Please e-mail me for further information on cost of classes and availability of time.  I'd love to hear from other doll makers and teachers.


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