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Inspired by the stunning windows in the Sea Through Scarf, these lamps are designed to enhance your home with whimsey and soft, ambient light. Many customers talked of the pleasure of hanging the scarves in a window, enjoying the light coming through the glass. The sunlight will eventually fade the silk in the scarf so I thought of making a low watt, ambient lamp with the beauty of the scarf window as the shade.
Each lamp is hand bent and braised out of copper covered steel rod which is then painted to prevent oxidation over time. The frame is covered with a thin hand dyed china silk stitched to a layer of nylon tulle. Between the layers we put stained glass, painted rocks, bits of lame fabrics, brass charms, and sea shells. Each lamp is different and they're evolving. The first ones I designed were boxes -like lamp shades but, in the case of the dancing house lamp, I was working on another lamp shade shape while I was watching my neighbor paint a little shed he'd put up in his yard. I got inspired and it turned into a little house that was bending over. That one is in a private collection but I'll be glad to make another. My hairdresser loves fish, so I had to make him a Fish Lamp. It's the high point of his salon. Another client uses the small, Windows Lamp to soften her waiting room. The Shoe Lamp series was inspired by Jane Weitzman of the Stuart Weitzman shoe stores nation wide. They will be in a book of her private shoe collection coming out next year. I'd love to make a lamp to fulfill your dreams. Let's talk.

Because of the delicate nature of the silks, the lamps require a 25 watt bulb only. Please do not put a bulb with a higher wattage in them.

Shooting Spiral Star


Shooting Star Zap


Hanging Star


Fish lamp


Dancing House Lamp

Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Lamp

Dancing Beach Glass Lamp

Windows Lamp

Beach Glass Lamp

Wicked Pointy Shoe Lamp

Shoe Lamp

Socked Shoe Lamp
36" X 32" X 15"

Mule Shoe Lamp


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