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Mermaid Fountain

Delight your landscaping with this Mermaid sculpture - From beginning to end she was a challenge. The hand blown glass bowl is from Verto Glass in Grand Prairie, TX ( )

Here is a shot of the artist sitting by the fountain where The Mermaid was displayed at the 2006 State Fair of Texas.   The water in the fountain cover up that she is herself a fountain.   She is back at the studio now and available for a pool or pond setting in your garden.

Another shot of The Mermaid in the State Fair fountain.






My helper Harmon with Goddess

Glass Goddess at State Fair of Texas 2006

Garden Goddess -Trellis

These welded steel Goddesses delight the garden.  They love to have vines grown up their skirts.   Approximately 6' tall they stand above your flowers and attract birds and butterflies.  On display at the women's Museum during the 2006 State Fair.


Glass Dancer

with orange "horn" and with bowl. 2' x 1' x 1/2'

$750 SOLD


Cameron Dancing

The client wanted a portrait of her youngest, a wild and wonderful child who never sits still.  These three steel sculptures pay homage to the child's joyous exuberance.  They will reside in "the children's garden" on the estate where they will be in proportion to the house, iron gateways, pathways and bushes all perfectly proportioned to a 5 year old child.

The project took about two months to complete in the early summer of 2003. Commissions accepted.

Joyous Union

Materials:  pencil rod steel, steel leaves and butterflies, copper coated steel rod and brass.

Artists Statement:  Out of the energy of the earth we rise to become human and joyously connect with other spirits, remembering we are connected with the earth, and will return to her embrace again some day- but not alone. We will be with the other spirits we connect with along the way.

Completed 8/1/2001


Materials:  Surrender is made from steel pencil rod, best, heated and welded.  Her hair is leaves of steel, and her hands are fine branches of copper coated steel rod.

Artists Inspiration:  Rising up out of the earth, Surrenders' spirit relaxes into wonder at the beauty around her.  She takes human form in a dance gesture of revelation.  Only her hair and feet still belong to the garden.  She is a spirit of the earth and will rerun to it in good time.

Completed 6/2001         Installed 8/2001

Wind Goddess at Fair with vines on her skirt


Garden Goddess

Hand bent steel rod welded into a soft, flowing Goddess figure for the garden.  This Hellenic figure is perfect for training vines to join her as she reaches for the sun.  Dimensions 6' x 4' x 18" oxidized steel finish. 

Completed 6/6/02                  Price $750.

Steel Wheels - Hand Painted Steel - found objects - 5'5" x 2' x 2'


Earth Mage - Wall piece. Rusted steel, paper, staples, plastic, silk, palm leaf.


Comet Catcher - Sculpted steel with hand blown glass "horn" by Marrs Art (

2 1/4' x 10" x 12" $1200 SOLD

Harvest Maiden - Steel form with rust and painted patina and polymer clay face with beads.
3' x 1 1/4' x 10"


Wind Mage

Glass by Ron Marrs of Marrs Art
steel construction on wooden base


Earth Mother

Glass by Ron Marrs of Marrs Art
steel construction on stone base


Cirque Dancer

Mage series
sculpted, painted steel and
Lit glass by Ron Marrs
cherry wood base
18"x 7"x9"

Price $950.

Fire Dancer

Mage series
Steel and glass - by Ron Marrs
stone base

Price $1200.

Garden Dancer - Hand painted Steel with glass detail - steel dog at feet.  Room to put a votive candle in her heart.  Can add a portrait of your family of pets and stained glass over the heart.

S - Large sizes 3'- 4 1/2' - 6' prices vary with size and complexity.


Robin and I designed and welded this table to complete a piece of marble that was very special to our client. She wanted a South Western look.  Steel and cast Iron

Completed 3/03 .

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